Monday, January 03, 2011

Heavenly Visitation

While in Church on a Saturday evening I looked up toward the side Altar and saw a supernatural figure of a man in golden, slightly irredescent robes. He had a shaven square jaw, very light brown hair to his shoulders, looking up, heavenward, with his arms raised up high. The robe on his arms was raised as well, resting on the creases of his bent arm almost to his elbows. He remained there, in my vision, for at least 10 minutes, maybe 15 it seemed. I would glance away but he remained.

I had not the feeling it was Jesus but another, perhaps John, His beloved Disciple, because he was clean-shaven. I know one day, in Heaven, I will find out the name of the person and the reason for this visitation. No one else in the Church seemed to see what I saw.

The figure was that of a very handsome, very tall and very holy person. I was in awe of this presence. I felt perhaps he was an intercessor. There was the feeling he was from Heaven. I was at peace, nonplused at his appearing.

Mel Patterson

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