Monday, July 18, 2011

Yesterday, July 17th, in Church I had an experience where I felt removed from the congregation with all of God's essence surrounding me, not that He was not there for everyone, but that I received the grace to be in that particular place with Him at that particular time - in my Church. I felt caught up in hint of elevation where a clear veil separated me from everyone in the Church.

I thanked God for that Grace.

Mel Patterson, 7-18-11

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Monday, July 11, 2011

I had a vision in a dream 2 nights ago in which Jesus was wearing His Kingly Crown and He was sitting on His Throne, the Judgment Seat. It seemed almost sepia in color and at a distance which indicated to me there is a little time left before He comes again and as Judge.

There were very many all around Him. I am not sure who they were except they earned Heaven. The essence of this Place/Heaven was holy.

Mel Patterson, 7-11-11

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Heavenly Visitation

While in Church on a Saturday evening I looked up toward the side Altar and saw a supernatural figure of a man in golden, slightly irredescent robes. He had a shaven square jaw, very light brown hair to his shoulders, looking up, heavenward, with his arms raised up high. The robe on his arms was raised as well, resting on the creases of his bent arm almost to his elbows. He remained there, in my vision, for at least 10 minutes, maybe 15 it seemed. I would glance away but he remained.

I had not the feeling it was Jesus but another, perhaps John, His beloved Disciple, because he was clean-shaven. I know one day, in Heaven, I will find out the name of the person and the reason for this visitation. No one else in the Church seemed to see what I saw.

The figure was that of a very handsome, very tall and very holy person. I was in awe of this presence. I felt perhaps he was an intercessor. There was the feeling he was from Heaven. I was at peace, nonplused at his appearing.

Mel Patterson

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

This morning, March 2, 2010 at the Offertory I saw Jesus dressed in white facing me. His Hands were in front of Him palms up filled to overflowing with luminescent, circular disks, catching the light, somewhat as prisms do, and I knew they were the graces He wants to give abundantly.

Mel Patterson

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Saturday during the Holy Rosary I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove and it was pregnant, floating in front of my inner eyes...very obviously pregnant.

Today during the Holy Rosary I saw a dark heart, almost like a photograph in a darkened Church with a Cleric, who has his back to me, dressed in golden vestments and a red skull cap; his back view was of broad shoulders. He was a big man with more pepper in his salt and pepper colored short hair.

Then almost within a minute or two I saw Pope Benedict in his white outfit and white skull cap, smiling very happily yet peacefully on a bright sunny day with beautiful azure blue sky and a few white clouds visible.

A sister Franciscan feels the pregnant Holy Spirit is likened to the pregnant Blessed Virgin giving birth to the human Jesus and the pregnant Holy Spirit to give birth to the Divine Jesus as in the second coming which will be soon.

I feel also the pregnant Holy Spirit means He has so much He wants to give us and he is getting ready to gush forth with Holy Spirit enlightenments upon us, perhaps the final Gift of the Holy Spirit.

The darkened heart to me feels as though the strong shoulders of the Archbishop and/or Cardinal means he/The Church is dealing with the darkness/persecution of the Church as it unfolds and rather stalwartly as well - that is what I get from this vision.

And the Pope...........He is happy and peaceful - could be Heaven or could be Christ's reign of Peace has arrived - in the vision.

© Mel Patterson, 2-15-10

In praying the Holy Rosary in the Chapel this early Morn
within my spiritual being I saw Mary as Queen of Heaven.
She was motioning for me to come to her,
waving her right hand and pointing to her heart.
I took it to mean, "Come here to me."
She wanted to enclose me within her heart.
Her appearance was as if delicate flesh colored porcelain.
Except she looked a little like a statue,
she moved with a gentle grace,
her dressing muted pale pink/mauve.

© Mel Patterson, 11-30-09

Friday, March 06, 2009

I am becoming aware of my own smallness. Just early this morning I thought to myself all that "I" wanted to accomplish today according to "my" plan and then I immediately laughed at myself because, imagine "me" planning......hahaha........when it is God's Plan I will follow, not "mine."

I am still smiling as I remember my small place in His Grand Plan for all of us, His beloveds.

Sharing one of my little musings with you.

Joyfully in the Lord,



Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 17, 2008 Meditation
I had a sense of late that only a thin invisible veil exists between us and heaven,
placing us in the company of the Lord, His angels and His saints.
Imagine walking among them.
They accompany us and we realize it
and are spiritually blessed by it,
we never realize it.
Maybe we wonder and ignore the gift given.
Someone said, "then we would be bumping into one another?"
I said pensively, "we are in a different dimension.
We would not bump into the souls in the Heavenly realm."

How would it change our lives if we knew,
without a doubt, that it is so.....that they walk among us?
How humbling would that be?

While it is humanly impossible to be in a constant state of spiritual awareness,
would it not be a blessing to bring it to mind as often as possible?

How would I behave at home if I knew I was among such Company?
How would I drive in my car if I was among such Company?
How would I treat ANY-one if I was among such Company?
How would it change lives?

The nearness of the Lord,
His angels and His saints is a mighty blessing.
We are caught up in the aura of a beautiful gift.

In Prayer and Care,