Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Saturday during the Holy Rosary I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove and it was pregnant, floating in front of my inner eyes...very obviously pregnant.

Today during the Holy Rosary I saw a dark heart, almost like a photograph in a darkened Church with a Cleric, who has his back to me, dressed in golden vestments and a red skull cap; his back view was of broad shoulders. He was a big man with more pepper in his salt and pepper colored short hair.

Then almost within a minute or two I saw Pope Benedict in his white outfit and white skull cap, smiling very happily yet peacefully on a bright sunny day with beautiful azure blue sky and a few white clouds visible.

A sister Franciscan feels the pregnant Holy Spirit is likened to the pregnant Blessed Virgin giving birth to the human Jesus and the pregnant Holy Spirit to give birth to the Divine Jesus as in the second coming which will be soon.

I feel also the pregnant Holy Spirit means He has so much He wants to give us and he is getting ready to gush forth with Holy Spirit enlightenments upon us, perhaps the final Gift of the Holy Spirit.

The darkened heart to me feels as though the strong shoulders of the Archbishop and/or Cardinal means he/The Church is dealing with the darkness/persecution of the Church as it unfolds and rather stalwartly as well - that is what I get from this vision.

And the Pope...........He is happy and peaceful - could be Heaven or could be Christ's reign of Peace has arrived - in the vision.

© Mel Patterson, 2-15-10


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