Friday, July 11, 2008


I had a dream July 4th weekend 2008 that I had a small gold fish bowl in my left hand and with my right hand I was covering the top. The reason I had to cover it was that the very many gold fish were leaping and trying to jump out. I was keeping them safe until I could find my larger crystal bowl in which to place them safely. I wanted to save as many as possible.

They are my concern. Not so much do I worry about myself but for those other (fish) souls.

I know if I do what the Lord asks I will be fine and He will give the gifts to me He wants me to have.

It was suggested by a good friend ...."That dream sounds like a Divine Gift Mel though I have no proof. The fish are the people you pray for and try to help. In the same way Our Lord protects us, calling us to Him and to Our Lady and does everything possible to stop us lapsing into sin. Remember Our Lord said ' I will make you fishers of men...." ]my friend shall remain anonymous,is very close to the Lord, and highly respected by yours truly.


© Mel Patterson, 7-11-08



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