Friday, July 11, 2008


Today during Mass, I again came to realize the only
thing separating us from heaven, where God, His Angels
and His Saints reside, is this dimension, this thin
invisible veil. I was surrounded by heaven and knew
the Light all around me. I knew I was in the
company of the Lord, our Lady, and the Angels
and the Saints. I knew it within my soul.
My spirit was gladdened or quickened.
I was in the presence of holiness and sanctity.

We need to realize where we are and who we are
in Christ Jesus, no matter where we are physically.

Have we not been told the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand


the Kingdom of God is within you?

When I attend Mass and fully pay attention,I am the closest I can be to heaven this side of the veil.

When I am other than at Mass, I need to get beyond
the extraneous and realize who I am and Whose I am.

This is intended as spiritual food for thought.

© Mel Patterson, 7-11-08



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