Monday, August 14, 2006


Mother of my Lord, full of purity and grace,
You were selected above the entire human race
To bear God's only Son infused by the Holy Spirit;
Of Gabriel's announcement? Did you fear it?
When you said, "Be it done unto me
according to your word,"
Did you think it absurd
or were you in awe
of the angel's call
in that place,
"Hail, full of Grace?"

Mother of my Lord, model for all mothers,
Intercede, please, for our sisters and brothers.
Ask your Son to root out all division,
Depression, anger, hate, and dirision.
Ask Him to bless us with provision
In our every need; plant the seed.
Upon His Communion we'll feed;
We'll follow His lead.
Thank you, Mother of Our Lord.
To Him all Praise we accord.

Mother of my Lord, you walked the earth
And were blessed with a Virginal Birth,
O Mother, holy and undefiled,
You raised Jesus, your precious Child.
He grew in dignity, wisdom and love
His heart focused on God above
He was like us in all things but sin
Speaking parables where'er he'd been;
Your heart was pierced as Simeon foretold.
Your Crucified Son's Body grew cold;
He was buried and rose on the third day ~
For our freedom, Your Son did pay.

Mother of my Lord, assumed into Eternal Bliss
I can see Jesus welcoming you with a holy kiss.
You reside with Him, all the angels and the saints
What a beautiful canvas of eternal life He paints.
God made you a perfect Mother, a Holy Vase;
Now you behold His Adorable Face ~
O, Thou willing vessel, full of Grace.
On this Feast of Your Assumption, Lady Dear
Look kindly upon us who remain here
And intercede for us, if you please,
We pray, on bended knees.


© Mel Patterson, 8-15-06

O Father,
What do You see on the earth here below?
War and strife, famine and blight,
Bloodied broken bodies and souls,
Addicts, murderers, thieves.
Your Pure Heart grieves
While satan seethes.
O Father,
Help us, please.

O Father,
It looks as tho' we're in a living hell
When we forget You are God;
We pray for our enemies and our friends
Cement relationships and make amends.
We come to You on bended knee,
That we can see more clearly,
And love Thee more dearly.

O Father,
Kind and merciful are You
Gracious and compassionate, too
An ever ready HELP in times of duress
Present when we call upon you in distress.
By your holy arm you forgivingly bless
Your sheep,
who scatter, and You gently gather
Into one fold, away from the cold,
And lovingly enfold
us into
The warmth of Your loving embrace
How blessed are we by Your Grace.

© Mel Patterson, 8-9-06